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National Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 


Established in accordance with the National Disaster Risk Management Act of 2021, the National Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) operates under the jurisdiction of Tonga's National Disaster Risk Management Office at both the national and Islands levels. Serving as a centralized facility, the National EOC plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing response efforts during emergencies or disasters. It functions as a hub where key decision-makers, emergency responders, and relevant stakeholders converge to oversee and coordinate response and recovery activities, with the primary goal of enhancing communication, collaboration, and coordination among various agencies and organizations involved in disaster management.

Furnished with advanced technology and communication systems, the National EOC facilitates real-time information exchange and decision-making. It serves as a central point for monitoring the situation, assessing resource needs, and deploying assets efficiently. The center's key functions include situation analysis, resource allocation, strategic planning, and communication management. Staffed by personnel from diverse disciplines, such as emergency management, public safety, healthcare, and public utilities, the National EOC ensures a comprehensive and multi-agency approach to handling emergencies.

During emergency situations, the National EOC becomes the focal point for collecting and disseminating critical information to the public, media, and relevant stakeholders. Through regular briefings and updates, the EOC keeps the public informed about the evolving situation, safety measures, and evacuation procedures. By providing a structured and centralized platform for decision-making and resource management, the National EOC plays a pivotal role in ensuring an effective and coordinated response to emergencies, ultimately contributing to the overall resilience and safety of communities.

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