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Operational Readiness 

NDRMO, is the secretariat for the National Disaster Risk Management Committee, the National Emergency Operation Committee, and the National Emergency Recovery Committee, and was established under the act, is responsible for coordinating all disaster risk reduction (DRR), disaster preparedness, and emergency management activities in Tonga.


The Tonga Meteorological Service, provides weather and climate services and is the national authority for issuing meteorological and geophysical hazard warnings.


The Natural Resources Division, of the Ministry of Lands, Survey, and Natural Resources, is responsible for earthquake monitoring, mapping, vulnerability assessments, and other related activities and shares responsibility for hydrological and geophysical warning services with the Tonga Meteorological Service. 


Since the Tongan cabinet established and endorsed the Cluster mechanism in 2014, it has played an active and integral part in all emergency response coordination. An inter-cluster coordination committee (ICCC) chaired by the chief executive officer of MEIDECC reports to the National Emergency Management Committee.

EOC located at NDRMO - the hub for all coordination during an incident to facilitating and directing recovery
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