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National Disaster Risk Management Structure

The new Disaster Risk Management (DRM) structure, established under the DRM Act 2021, delineates clear roles and responsibilities for various mechanisms involved in disaster management. At the highest level, the Cabinet plays a pivotal role in evaluating and adopting both the DRM Act and Policy, solidifying their status as official government instruments. This underscores the government's commitment to a comprehensive ‘whole-of-government’ approach in addressing and reducing disaster risk.

The National Disaster Risk Management Committee (NDRMC) assumes a central position in the framework, advising the Cabinet on the progress of key DRM entities, facilitating inter-ministerial coordination during emergencies, and endorsing funding requests related to its functions. In the event of an onset disaster or during a disaster the National Controller is tasked with activating the National Emergency Operation Centre, determining the priority of roles, and allocating resources in collaboration with the NDRMC. These components collectively contribute to a streamlined and efficient decision-making process during disaster events and post-disaster recovery efforts.

The operational arm of the DRM structure is the National Disaster Risk Management Office (NDRMO), responsible for implementing the DRM Act, serving as a secretariat to governing bodies, advising the Minister, and coordinating DRM activities. The NDRMO also collaborates with clusters, represented by the Inter-cluster Coordination Committee (ICCC), which oversees and coordinates cluster activities. Additionally, Island Disaster Risk Management Committees (IDRMC) and Village Disaster Risk Management Committees (VDRMC) are crucial for localized disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts, ensuring a bottom-up approach that engages communities in the overall disaster risk management strategy. This multifaceted structure aims to enhance the nation's resilience by involving various levels of governance and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

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